List of Top 10 Best Matatus in Nanyuki

Many people have asked about the best Matatus in Nanyuki town and where to board them. Based on our own experience, here is a list of the best matatu saccos from the capital Laikipia County.

One of the cheapest ways of traveling from Nanyuki to other parts of Kenya is by using Matatus. The matatus in Nanyuki operate in major towns and centers in Nyeri, Nakuru, Isiolo, and Laikipia counties. If you want to travel to or from Nanyuki, below are some matatus to consider.

About Best Matatus in Nanyuki

Matatus are the most commonly used mode of transportation in Nanyuki, with hundreds operating on various routes. They are usually 14-seater vans and are often crowded, especially during peak hours. It is essential to exercise caution when boarding matatus and ensure they are registered and licensed by the relevant authorities.

When traveling by matatu, arriving early at the designated pick-up points is advisable to avoid missing the matatu. Some common pick-up points in Nanyuki include the main stage, Maxoil Hotel, and the Matanya Stage Matatus usually have fixed routes and fares. It is essential to confirm the fare before boarding.

Knowing the potential risks associated with matatu travel, such as reckless driving and overloading, is also essential. To minimize these risks, choosing reputable matatu saccos and avoiding overcrowded matatus is advisable.

List of Top 10 Best Matatus in Nanyuki

  1. Nanyuki Cabs shuttle
  2. Nanyuki Express Cabs
  3. 4NTE Sacco
  4. Nyena Sacco
  5. 2NK Sacco
  6. Menany Sacco
  7. Meiso Sacco
  8. Datima Sacco
  9. Nyakati Sacco
  10. Inana Sacco

Matatus in Nanyuki by Route

  • Nanyuki Cabs Shuttle: Best matatus between Nanyuki and Nairobi.
  • 4NTE Sacco: Best matatus between Nanyuki and Nyahururu, Nakuru, and Eldoret.
  • Nyena Sacco and 2NK Sacco: Best matatus between Nanyuki and Nyeri, Naromoru and Karatina.
  • Menany Sacco and Datima Sacco: Best matatus between Nanyuki and Meru.
  • Datima Sacco: Matatus from Nanyuki to Timau and Narumoru.
  • 4NTE and Datima Sacco: Best matatus from Nanyuki and Rumuruti.
  • Inana Sacco and Meiso Sacco: Nanyuki to Isiolo matatus.

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