List of Parastatals in Kenya

Parastatals, also known as state corporations or government-owned enterprises, play a significant role in Kenya’s economic development and public service delivery. The government establishes these entities to undertake commercial activities, provide essential services, and promote socio-economic growth in various sectors.

Kenya has a wide range of parastatals operating in diverse fields, including energy, transportation, infrastructure, healthcare, agriculture, and broadcasting. These organizations are tasked with fulfilling specific mandates and objectives that align with the government’s development agenda.

List of Parastatals in Kenya

Here is a list of various parastatals in Kenya.

  1. Kenya Power
  2. Kenya Airways
  3. Kenya Ports Authority
  4. Kenya Railways Corporation
  5. Kenya National Highways Authority
  6. Kenya Broadcasting Corporation
  7. Kenya Pipeline Company
  8. Kenya Wildlife Service
  9. National Hospital Insurance Fund
  10. National Social Security Fund
  11. National Cereals and Produce Board
  12. National Oil Corporation of Kenya
  13. Agricultural Development Corporation
  14. Kenya Industrial Estates
  15. Kenya National Examinations Council
  16. Kenya National Trading Corporation
  17. Geothermal Development Company
  18. Kenya Civil Aviation Authority
  19. Kenya National Highways Authority
  20. Kenya Airports Authority
  21. National Construction Authority
  22. Kenya Bureau of Standards
  23. Kenya Power and Lighting Company
  24. Kenya Marine and Fisheries Research Institute
  25. National Environment Management Authority
  26. National Transport and Safety Authority
  27. National Water Conservation and Pipeline Corporation
  28. National Irrigation Board
  29. National Museums of Kenya
  30. Kenya Investment Authority

Please note that this list is not exhaustive; other parastatals also operate in Kenya.

In Closing

In conclusion, parastatals in Kenya are crucial institutions that contribute to the country’s economic development, service delivery, and social well-being. Through their operations and services, these entities support key sectors, promote growth, and enhance the quality of life for Kenyan citizens.

Effective management and governance of these parastatals are vital to harness their full potential and achieve sustainable development in Kenya.

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