How to Withdraw funds from MPESA PayBill Account to Bank

Do you have a Mpesa Paybill Account for your business?

Have you signed up for a Mpesa Organization Portal?

Are you trying to access your funds and transfer them to your Business Bank Account?

If yes, follow along.

This article assumes that you have already done the following;

  1. Set up your Mpesa Organization Portal.
  2. Created an operator and assigned a Business Manager Role.

The second task above can be created from the dashboard using the Administrator account.

Mpesa Organization Portal

The Mpesa Organization Portal allows you to do a number of things. The main ones are making bulk payments and transferring funds from your Paybill Account to your Bank Account.

How to Transfer Funds from the Mpesa Paybill Portal

1. Log In to the Mpesa Portal
(With the Business Manager/Operator credentials.)

  • Go to portal and login
  • Enter your short code (Business PayBill)
  • Enter your User name
  • Type in your Password (Do not Copy and Paste)
  • Enter the Verification Code provided
  • Enter the One Time Passcode send to your mobile phone. Enter within 60 seconds

2. Move funds from the Utility account to the Working Account

When you get paid by a customer via PayBill (Lipa na Mpesa>Mpesa Paybill), the funds reflects on the Account View. These funds can be in different locations within the Portal.

The First step is to move the funds from Utility Account to the Working Account. To this;

  • Hover on My Functions and then Click on Operations
  • Click on Initiate Revenue Settlement
  • On the Trigger Revenue Settlement tab, Select All organizations as the Target Organization.
  • Click Submit

If now click on the Account View, your funds will be in the Working Account.

3. Transfer funds from Mpesa Paybill Portal to Bank Account

Assuming you had already set up the Bank Account details on the portal. Transferring the funds from your PayBill is easy. All you have to do is follow the following steps;

  • Hover on My Functions and then Click on Initiate Transaction
  • On the Transaction Services dropdown, select Organization Withdrawal From MPESA-Real-Time.
  • Confirm your Bank details
  • Enter the Amount you wish to withdraw.
  • Type in the remarks and reason for transfer
  • Click Submit
  • A popup confirmation window will appear, click “Yes”

Check your bank account for the funds.

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